Yards and Facilities
across the UK

Yards and facilities for equestrian activities are diverse, catering for different or multiple disciplines.

Finding the right home or facilities for your animals might be a challenge. Knowing which attributes are important and what facilities might maximise you and your equine’s enjoyment are key to finding a good match.

Yards can offer stabling, grazing or a combination of both. These are important considerations and might depend upon the activities you like doing with your horse, the stage of your horse’s life and career and the type of horse, pony or donkey that you have: some might thrive outdoors, some might suffer health issues without restricted access to grazing, some might need stabling due to recovery or rehabilitation. Plus as an owner you might prefer a quiet yard,  a busy multi-discipline yard or something in between.

Facilities on site or for you to hire might include use of a ménage, cross country course, arena, horse walker, bridleways, full livery, part livery, instruction or coaching or access to rehabilitation equipment and stabling.

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