Training and Instruction Services
across the UK

Working with a qualified and experienced coach can be helpful wherever you are on your equitation journey.

Finding a trainer that you and your horse enjoy working with is essential for a productive relationship.

You might want to have several specialists on your team who you can call on to work on different aspects of your riding, schooling, driving or ground work skills.

Many horses love learning and need patience and understanding from their handler to get the best results. Working with an experienced professional can help you to become the partner your horse wants you to be.

More details about different disciplines are below.

Find Instructors and Trainers in Your Region

The British Horse Society (BHS) offer a range of qualifications to help you improve your skills and train towards a career with horses. Full details are available on their website.

The BHS also provides accreditation for coaching and approved riding centres.

Dressage enhances the communication between horse and rider. Top dressage riders enable their horse to execute gymnastic movements with control and accuracy. Read more on the British Dressage website.

Showjumping is popular at all levels of competition from grassroots through to the Olympics. Read more on the British Showjumping website.

Eventing is a multi-discipline sport that combines the skills of the showjumper with the accuracy and control of dressage and the confidence and excitement of cross country. Read more on the British Eventing website.

Trec is a multi-discipline sport that tests the horse and rider’s  endurance, resourcefulness, adaptability and partnership. Read more on the Trec GB website.

Racing has been a sport enjoyed by spectators across all sectors of the community for generations and is a major contributor to the British sporting calendar each year.  Read more on the British Horseracing Authority’s website.