Yard and Field

Services for Your Yard and Field

Read more about services available to keep your land in prime condition plus feed, tack and equipment repairs and supplies. (listed alphabetically)

Agricultural ContractorAgricultural Contractors

Agricultural Contractors can assist with different maintenance and building projects: paddock care, muck heap removal, fencing, hedging trimming, rolling, seeding, land care.


forage grass hayForage and Bedding Suppliers

Reputable forage and bedding suppliers who reliably produce and deliver quality bedding and forage, free from weeds and noxious plants, at an affordable price are key to horse owners, businesses, yards and equine centres.

There are different types of forage available, some can be bought directly from the supplier. Avoid mouldy, dusty and contaminated bales.

Bedding comes in different forms including straw and other harvest bi-products, shavings and chippings, paper and pellets.

horse rug repair clean laundryLaundry and Rug Repairs

Sometimes having a ‘trashed rug’ isn’t the end of the road. It’s often cost effective to seek out a services to wash and re-proof rugs and get rugs repaired. Do you need a horse laundry to transform your shredded, filthy rugs back looking (almost) new?


 Muck Heap RemovalNick Benson Muck heap removal

Some contractors specialise in muck heap removal or can leave a skip at your yard for ease of collection.


Horse saddleSaddlers, Fitters and Tack Repairs

Saddlery is a very specialised area and getting the correctly fitted saddle is very important for the well-being and performance of both your horse and yourself. Some saddlers offer bespoke fitting and crafting so that you can ensure you have the best fit for your horse.


tack saddlery accessoriesTack and Accessories

Keep your yard and tack room fully stocked: grooming aids, supplements, tools, equipment and tack.



Yards and StablingYards and Stabling

Find livery, grazing, and equestrian facilities.