Nikki Robinson


Nikki Robinson

Physiotherapist, Author

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Physiotherapist and Author


Nikki Robinson – Physiotherapist and Author

I give hope to people who think they can’t be helped.

I am a specialist Myofascial Release Physiotherapist (for riders).

I’ve written a book called Pain-Free Horse Riding.

About the Book: Pain-Free Horse Riding

  Nikki Robinson Pain Free Riding

This book is suitable for riders of all abilities and disciplines. It gives practical advice on how you can help yourself to avoid your problems affecting your horse.

From Penguin Books: Pain-Free Horse Riding is the first book to combine exercises for horseback riders to increase strength and flexibility and improve riding and address the pain they suffer from and how to relieve it.

“Giving you all the information you need to keep yourself pain free, this book is a must-have for horse riders of all disciplines” Laura Renwick, Team GB Show Jumper

“Nikki’s treatment has really changed my life. The advice that she gives in this book will help you to work with your body and to enjoy riding your horse without pain.” Sarah, Duchess of York

If you love the book, make sure you give it a vote in the Janey Loves 2019 Platinum Awards.

Just click on this link and on the voting page enter Pain-Free Horse Riding book by Nikki Robinson

About the Physiotherapy Practice

My practice, Holisticare is on the Herts/Essex border. Our patients travel from all over the UK and even from abroad for our expert treatment. As I am a rider and horse owner myself, I understand the issues affecting riders and can work with them to enable them to reach their goals.

Myofascial Release is a gentle, hands-on treatment that works with your body to find and treat the cause of your symptoms. This enables us to successfully work with people with complex, long-term conditions.

Nikki Robinson Author Physiotherapist

We welcome phone inquiries, so please give us a call if you have any questions. Thanks, Nikki

Telephone: 01279 718331