Gold Membership Annual for Professionals and Services

Gold Membership Annual for Professionals and Services


Gold Membership is a great way to promote your business.

Gold Members are featured across our website and regularly mentioned across Local Horse Help social media.

Gold Members can invite customers to review and recommend them to boost traffic to their Local Horse Help page.

You can link your website and social media to Local Horse Help and see more referrals and increase your online rankings.


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Your Profile will be "featured", it will be at the top of search results and show up as Gold. Anyone will be able to view your full profile, details of the service you provide, your qualifications, accredited body status, reviews and reputation. People can access your website and Facebook links thus increasing your traffic to these pages via Local Horse Help. Throughout the course of the year you can apply to as many help requests as you wish. Your Profile will be promoted through social media outlets and E-newsletters to specific, relevant audiences. If you invite 10 friends to join and become Local Horse Helpers, you will receive 1 free month of Gold Membership