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If you provide services to the equine sector complete your profile describing the full list of services you provide, add photos and video . Standard Membership and Gold Membership ensure that all of your information, photographs, videos and links to your website and social media are visible to any site visitor. You can select your Membership package from the Membership page.

Where you are offering profession services you warrant that all services provided by you comply with all relevant legislation and regulations affecting horse welfare and that you hold all appropriate licences, insurance and registrations.

If you are searching for help, browse through the list of equine professionals and services and you will be able to find contact details. Any reviews that have been posted will be available to view for Gold Members.

We act as an online portal to introduce equine service providers to horse owners, riders and businesses. Any contract that you undertake with an equine service provider is between you and the service provider. It is up to you to ensure they are suitable for the services you require and Local Horse Help shall have no liability in that respect.

There is a small charge for being a Standard Member which helps cover the costs of running the website, providing the support and to ensure that the directory is regularly monitored for accuracy and correct contact details. The current price is £24 per year.

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  • Gold membership is a great tool for promoting your services and getting noticed on the website.
  • Gold members’ profiles are periodically featured on our Search Page and the Gold Member Gallery Page.
  • Gold membership ensures that your details are highlighted in any searches.
  • Gold members are regularly featured on our social media and in our newsletters ensuring that they are actively promoted and kept in the public eye.
  • Gold members can have recommendations and reviews from their customers added to their profile and published on Local Horse Help.
  • Recommendations published for Gold Members are featured on website pages and get noticed by many visitors to the site.
  • Traffic to your website and social media pages will be boosted by referrals from Local Horse Help
  • The ranking of your business name will improve with our content snippets.
  • Job opportunities posted by Gold Members are featured across our social media.
  • Job opportunities posted by Gold Members are featured on website pages and highlighted in any jobs searches made on the site.

Gold Membership brings substantially more benefits than Standard Membership all designed to promote your business.

Current prices are:

£10 for a single month

£45 for 6 months

£65 for a full year

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Local Horse Help is a busy and growing network of equine owners and professionals. We continue to invest both in advertising and refining the service it provides to the horse industry. Our website helps people find the appropriate assistance they are seeking, on a local level, presenting them with service providers whose details clearly outline their experience, qualifications, insurance with genuine client recommendations. Paying for Standard or Gold Membership ensures that these individuals benefit from the full attention and expertise of Local Horse Help in promoting their services and communicating with potential customers.

It’s no coincidence that the businesses on Local Horse Help which receive most leads and enquiries are the ones which have made the most out of all the features we have to offer.

People love to see lots of content and reviews as it lets them know that you take pride in your business.

Getting positive customer reviews on your business listing is very important as it gives potential customers confidence in your business. Simply email your review link to your clients and ask them if they could write a review of your business. You might also like to include your review link in your email signature, or add it to your website. Remember that only Gold Members are able to have reviews published on Local Horse Help.

A well written and informative profile about your business is a surefire way to attract customers. If you need help with this simply contact us and we will support you.

Uploading images and/or video demonstrating the services you offer really helps to bring your business to life. If you have some good quality pictures then you may be featured on our home page, our blog, in one of our newsletters or through our social media outlets!

Including a web link allows you to drive traffic to your website or Facebook page from Local Horse Help. You can add a web address within the edit your business profile section of Local Horse Help.

We will add a category for your business when your listing is published. If you think that the category can be improved, please send us an email and we’ll make the changes needed.

You can browse through our list of professionals and services. Use your postcode to identify services in your local area.

If you can’t quite find what you are looking for you can send a message to Local Horse Help and we will try to assist.

Local Horse Help can feature job opportunities when you are recruiting.

We are very cost effective and have a large, diverse equine community that we are connected with.

Current prices are

£25 for one month to add one job opportunity

Get in touch to if you have multiple opportunities to advertise or are looking for a longer term package.

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It’s always a good idea to research the professional or service  that you are interested in using. Read through the information on their page here on Local Horse Help and then be sure to get in touch with them, ideally by phone, to discuss the issues you have or the services you are seeking. Where possible, a meeting face to face can help you to decide if this is a professional you want to spend time working with. Ask as many questions as you can think of and ask for proof of qualifications, registration certificates, insurance and DBS checks where these are not already visible on Local Horse Help but are critical to the services you need.

Reviews on Local Horse Help can also help to inform your choices but you may want to verify these yourself before you start working with a professional.

Many of the professionals listed on Local Horse Help should be registered with a governing body, which may be reflected on their profile. Further information on the regulations and codes of conduct that these service providers subscribe to can be found online.

You can signup up to Local Horse Help and then apply to any Job Opportunity on the site which is relevant to you.

If you are seeking help you can view the contact details of anyone listed on Local Horse Help by identifying them in your search and then clicking on their business name to reveal contact information. 

Yes simply edit your profile from your Account.

Yes Gold Membership or Standard Membership enables you to include links to your website and social media in your profile information.

Yes we encourage anyone listing their services on Local Horse Help to provide a link back to Local Horse Help from their own website and social media.

Credible reviews are very important to Local Horse Help as they are intended to inform potential customers about the services they are interested in.

Anyone who wishes to leave a review on Local Horse Help must register as a site user and all reviews are read and approved by Local Horse Help prior to publication.  All reviews must be constructive and professional.  Anyone wishing to post a negative review must first give the professional or service the opportunity to resolve the complaint prior to writing the review.

Customer reviews on Local Horse Help enable horse owners to make more informed decisions. Reviews are posted directly by individuals who have their own validated account on Local Horse Help, and have the ability to edit what they have written at any time.

We care deeply about the trustworthiness of the content on Local Horse Help. To ensure that our review system does not get abused, we have developed a number of automated checks which are designed to spot unusual behaviour patterns. Whilst it is impossible to guarantee that any review is 100% genuine, our system is very good at spotting potential problems. We flag all reviews that have failed our tests, and these reviews do not count towards a business’s overall star rating or listing position on the site.

As with everything else on the site, we also manually check the reviews on a day by day basis.

The best way for professionals and services to get reviews is to simply email customers to ask them to provide some feedback. Customers should write the review on their own computer in their own time.

Professionals listed on local Horse Help may send their customers a link to their profile, where they can click on the ‘Write Review’ button.

Professionals and services may also choose to put a link to their Local Horse Help profile at the bottom of their emails, or on their website to help generate reviews.

Local Horse Help does not permit false accounts being created in order to generate reviews. All customers who submit a review are responsible for the content published on the web under their name. Violation of this rule may lead to professionals or services being removed from Local Horse Help.

We only publish the reviews of Gold Members.  It takes time and effort to verify the authenticity of reviews and we also promote reviews on our site.  If you want your reviews to be published please upgrade to Gold Membership.

A review is flagged as incomplete when a customer hasn’t verified their email address. When a customer writes a review they must confirm their email address is genuine by responding to us when we get in touch. They only need to do this once. This helps us verify that the user is genuine.

If a review is incomplete we will contact the professional that the review is for in order that they can follow up with the customer to complete the review.

We reserve the right to remove any review from Local Horse Help. Please note that we do not remove negative reviews which do not breach our terms of use. It’s up to the business to contact the customer and resolve the problem. The customer can always update or remove their review if they choose.

As outlined in our terms of use, the main reasons for reviews being removed are:

When we believe that a review has not been posted by the customer themselves.

When a review is not constructive (e.g. it only says something like “Rubbish, total rip off.”). Negative reviews must specify the details of why the service or product was unsatisfactory.

When the reviewer has not entered a real name, or when we believe that the name shown with the review is not correct.

When a review is personal attack on an individual.

Every now and then, a service may receive some negative feedback. This is normal in the real world – you can’t please everyone all of the time.

We believe that, when properly handled, negative reviews can be used to show how well a service provider deals with dissatisfied customers. We fully intend to develop the site in order that Horse Helpers can publicly respond to negative reviews.

If a review about your service has been removed from the site, or flagged by our systems, then we cannot give you any specific information about why this has happened, and we cannot respond to queries that we receive about these issues.

If you believe that your business has received a review which does not conform to our terms of use, then please let us know and we will take further action as appropriate.

Services listed on Local Horse Help cannot delete individual review written  as only the customer who submitted the review can delete it. The only way to remove a review someone has written about you is to remove all your reviews which we can facilitate on your behalf.

You can reset your password by entering your email address in the password reset form. We will then send you an email containing a secure link allowing you to reset your password.

If you use the password/username forgotten link your username will be sent to you or simply contact us and we can help you.

Log in, go to your Account Settings, and then click on ‘Change’ next to your email address. If you have changed your email address, you can still log in to Local Horse Help with your original email address / username, but you should then change your username to your new email address to ensure that you don’t miss out on business enquiries.

Log in, go to your Account Settings and then click on ‘Change’ next to your password.

Log in and then go to your “Account Settings” in My Account at the top right of the screen.

Yes. Let us know and we can hide this for you on your listing.

Please make sure that you correctly use the number zero or the letter O when specifying your postcode.
If your postcode still cannot be found, please contact us with your full address and postcode and we will add it to the system.

It’s worth checking your junk folder to see if the email we have sent you has been mistakenly sent there. In a very small amount of cases, email providers have overly strict anti-spam policies that may block our emails. You can resend the Activation Email to your email address by logging in using the username and password you signed up with and then clicking on the resend activation email link.

If you continue to have issues, please contact us at any time and we will help to resolve the problem: info@localhorsehelp.co.uk

There are some common reasons why your account may have been disabled. Sometimes we get it wrong. Here’s a list of the most common ones and what to do about it.

Your business is already listed.
If we find duplicate listings where a company appears more than once we will reject and disable the newest account. See the post on ‘Can I be listed more than once?’

Your business is not located in the UK.
If your business is not located in the UK then unfortunately you cannot appear on Local Horse Help.

Abuse. We will close your account if…

We find that you are collecting Customer Reviews illegally

We find that your business is involved in illegal activities

There has been persistent misuse, swearing or defamatory content added to the site.

If you wish to suspend your Gold Membership and revert to a Standard Membership or Free Basic Membership for a period of time whilst saving the remainder of the time left on your Gold Membership this is fine.  Simply get in touch and we can unfeature your profile and re-activate the Gold Membership as and when you need it.

Paid Membership is not refundable, you can suspend your Membership but Local Horse Help does not offer refunds if you choose to cancel your Membership with us.

If you want to hide your Local Horse Help Listing, let us know and we can unpublish it for a period of time and then re publish it when you wish.

If you wish to delete your account completely then simply let us know and we can do this for you.

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