Sponsorship Competition (Closed)

13 Feb, 2019

Sponsorship Competition (Closed)

With Gold Member Claudia Howard @HowardsHoovesAndHounds

Claudia Howard Sponsorship Competition
Claudia Howard Sponsorship Competition

Working with horses is amazing & teaches us more about ourselves than we realise. It can also be tough, heart-breaking & mentally draining. Those that supported me throughout are some of the most important and inspiring people in my life & now I am in a position to do so, it’s time to pay it forward.

I am offering the below sponsorship package to one lucky winner.

  • A Branded Yard Jacket and T-Shirt
  • A Branded Cooler and Numnah
  • 4 Monthly Maintenance Physiotherapy treatments, providing your Vet consents
  • Treatment for Exercise Related Injuries providing your Vet deems it appropriate
  • A Monthly Physiotherapeutic Ridden or Groundwork Lesson

Your part?

  • Wear the above items as much as possible!
  • On your social media pages and blogs, if you have one, talk about my services and how I am able to help you.

To my winner:

Your riding level, competitive interests, and preferred discipline is irrelevant. It is the below characteristics that I would like to see. A kind, genuine, caring person is the one that I would love to work with, support, and help achieve their goals.

The winning candidate will be:

· 100% Dedicated

· Passionate about the animal

· Passionate about educating themselves to do the best for their animal

· Stay true to their morals and keep the animal’s best interests above competitive goals

· Promote welfare and correct, sympathetic training with the horse being paramount at all times

· Hardworking & keen to improve

· Ultimately, they will be kind!

To enter:

o Entry is via Instagram Only at https://www.instagram.com/howardshoovesandhounds/

o Like the Instagram page

o Reply with a short bio about yourself, your horse, and why you feel we would work well together.

o Please provide at least two references (as a minimum) from industry professionals that you are happy for me to contact

o After the closing date, I will contact shortlisted candidates for a phone chat or a catch-up face to face prior to making a final decision – this is also a chance for you to decide whether you want to work with me too!

Good luck!


Communicator Organiser Facilitator Helper

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