8 Aug, 2017

Who would have a SFP (Small Fat Pony)?

The SFP Enigma: Small (fat) ponies are eternally popular but as an owner myself, I find the smaller the pony the bigger the challenge to keep them fit and healthy. Sensible Option 1 I tried restricting them… but they just slept (conserving energy)! Sensible Option 2 I tried muzzling them… but they don’t appear to […]

3 May, 2017

Professional Qualifications = Quality Service

Professionals working with horses can boast an array of qualifications and experience, so what can their certificates actually tell you, the horse owner, about the standard of their work? The British Horse Society offer a range of respected and progressive qualifications that provide professionals with knowledge and skills according to the level they attain. If you are […]

25 Apr, 2016

Making the most of your grazing

Paddock maintenance isn’t complicated, arduous or particularly hard – it just needs a quick half hour inspection and walk-over around this time of year (early to mid spring). What may look green from your house may well be a bit sparse, muddy and damaged when you get up close and personal with it! Is the […]

11 Mar, 2016


Help your horse to heal itself. The sense of smell to the animal kingdom plays such an important role, not only as a way to communicate and identify others of the same or different species, but also plays a vital role in how they relate to medicinal plants. Since the dawn of time animals have […]