Get a Flying Start to the Year

3 Jan, 2019

Get a Flying Start to the Year

What’s the best strategy for getting your new year off to a flying start?

Flying start to the year
Get a flying start to the year

Many of us like a list – things to do or milestones to achieve..

Here’s a list to get you thinking about yours:

  • Decide on one thing you absolutely want to achieve. Write it down. Tell people so they can encourage you.
  • List steps or actions that need to be enabled to move you towards the goal. Make sure the steps are small enough to manage and all going in the right direction.
  • Put a time limit on achieving each step.
  • Make sure your planning inludes everyone who can support you along the way. Remember to ask for help ahead of when you need it.
  • Record all of your little steps along the way – take photos, write diary notes, draw ticks on your calendar.
  • Accomplish your goal and enjoy your success.
  • Plan a celebration and invite everyone who helped.


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