Being Claudia Howard..

28 May, 2019

Being Claudia Howard..

Equine Physiotherapist and BHS Qualified Instructor @ Howards Hooves and Hounds

At a year old, I was put on a donkey at Hampstead Heath for a photo and it was there that my obsession with horses began. As soon as I was able, I started helping out at my local riding school and learning to ride. The animals surrounding me quickly became my best friends, my main focus, and my greatest pleasure.

Upon leaving school, I began my career as a working pupil gaining my Stage Three Coach in Complete Horsemanship (BHSAI) with the British Horse Society. I went on to work in a variety of equine disciplines gaining valuable experience and insight into differing schools of thought behind horse care and management. This varied education has provided me with a diverse knowledge and enables me to combine and apply different techniques to every situation, ultimately finding the best way forward for the training, happiness, and comfort of both horse and rider and inspiring confidence and enthusiasm for their work.

Claudia Howard Equine Physiotherapist

Very early on I became captivated by movement and developed an insatiable desire to understand anatomy, musculoskeletal function, and biomechanics. This knowledge naturally flowed into my teaching and my approach to instruction progressed from teaching the how to teaching the why behind correct training.

The amalgamation of my passion for teaching and my love for movement lead me to train and qualify as an Equine and Animal Physiotherapist, and allows me to provide an all-round approach to training the horse.

I am a multidisciplinary instructor with a focused approach to building confidence in both horse and rider. I aim to improve way of going using a physiotherapeutic approach in order to build strength, flexibility, athleticism, and longevity. I use logical and sympathetic instruction with clear advice and appropriate exercises that achieve results and are easily repeated when training alone. Sessions are structured to each individual combination.

Equine Physiotherapy

I offer Physiotherapy for all animals, specialising in Horses and Dogs, Equine based lessons covering ridden work, ground work, and theory training towards the BHS stages, and EHKC courses. I also offer physiotherapeutic packages with rehabilitation programs covering ridden sessions, groundwork sessions, and Physiotherapy treatments for your horse working with you to achieve optimal healing results, promoting correct biomechanical function and muscle build up, and preventing re-injury.

BHS Instructor

Jacqui has been a loyal client since buying Cassie, her first pony, two years ago. Jacqui came to me as a nervous very Novice rider, and through hard work, determination, and exceptional feel for her horse, she has come on leaps and bounds.

Coffee came into my life via recommendation from a fellow industry professional. His owner works a very busy schedule and needed help with Coffee’s Rehabilitation from injury. This is an ongoing process where I am using a variety of groundwork and ridden techniques to help Coffee engage his core, stretch his body, and re-educate his movement. He is an exceptionally rewarding patient to work with and I love every minute of being with him.

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