About Me

Chica Hunter Trial 2010

Gemma Rogers

I have always loved horses. I bought my first one in 1987, and he stayed with me 30-years, plus a few others joined the herd along the way!

I was a groom on an eventing yard after school where I obtain my BHS qualifications and I have worked at different times at riding stables and a showing yard. Despite education and employment taking me in a different direction, horses have remained my passion.

Being a horse owner for so long has brought me into contact with a diverse collection of practitioners and professionals. I have moved between regions and yards and have spent time on livery yards and managing my own land.

Misty Field Nov 2015

This experience, from the horse owner perspective, prompted my involvement in Local Horse Help. I want this network to be vibrant and current, so that all visitors to the site can find the information they want, the professional assistance they need and all with confidence in the recommendations and feedback supplied by the whole community of Local Horse Help.

This site will grow with its membership bringing a wider range of professionals, a better selection of disciplines and trusted recommendations from individuals who have used their services.

The website was founded “to enable horse owners to make more informed, easier decisions as to the experts they choose to help them better care for and train their horses. Investment decisions in our horses should be based on reliable information and authentic recommendation. Too many horses who do not fulfill a purpose simply because owners have been unable to easily seek out the most appropriate expert to support them. Local Horse Help will meet this need and as a result I hope the future welfare of some horses will improve and many more of us will enjoy what can be a fantastic hobby and sport.”