About Us


Welcome to Local Horse Help

The aim of Local Horse Help is to;

  • Provide a UK wide directory of professionals and services that horse owners and riders can use to find help and services that they need, local to themselves.
  • Provide a showcase for professionals to give sufficient information about their services, expertise, qualifications and experience that enables potential customers to make informed decisions.
  • Create a community of expertise where experts and owners alike visit the site to seek advice and engage with those needing support and services.
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Why Equine Professionals and Services Join Local Horse Help

  • Build a detailed, authentic profile
  • Upload images/video/qualification certificates
  • Gold Members can add reviews and recommendations to their listing

Most customer read reviews to determine the quality of a local business. Recommendations are regarded as the key indicator in determining whether products or services are successful. Horse owners, of which there are over 450,000 in the UK, are no different, they too seek out recommendations.

Why Horse Owners Use Local Horse Help

  • Free to search for services and jobs
  • Results are displayed local to the customer
  • Business listings can give customers detailed explanations about services and how these might be beneficial to the horse owner
  • Authentic reviews displayed on Gold Member profiles
  • Professional friendly service when customers get in touch with Local Horse Help

Local Horse Help is a valuable resource for the UK equine industry. It provides visual and detailed information to be shared about equine services and Gold Members can include reviews and recommendations.